FRIDAY APRIL 16th Pre-Party!
"Psychedelia" (2020) Film Screening and Q&A with director Pat Murphy
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Opening Plenary: Dr. Marty Otañez, Anthropology, University of Colorado Denver
"Transformative Cannabis: Exploring Ways to Unite Cannabis Consumers, Weed Workers and Multi-State Operators"

Panel #1: Social and Racial Justice in the Age of Drug Policy Reform
Moderator: Reilly Capps, journalist, The Rooster Magazine

  • Wanda James (CEO, Simply Pure Cannabis Dispensary)

  • Dr. Tracy Ferrell (Program for Writing and Rhetoric, University of Colorado Boulder)

  • Betty Aldworth (Director of Communications and Events, Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Science; former Exec. Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy)

  • K Nicole Foerster (Founder and Director, Decriminalize Nature Boulder County)

  • Oriana Mayorga (Co-Director, SPORE Psychedelic Justice Council; Board Director, SSDP)

Faculty Keynote: Dr. Ingrid Walker, American Studies, University of Washington-Tacoma
"The Politics of Normal: Talking About Drugs"

Panel #2: Shifting Paradigms for Drug Users and Activists
Moderator: Susan Squibb, Cannabis Maven

  • Brigitte Mars (herbalist, author, professor, and natural chef)

  • Dr. Kent Hutchison (Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado Boulder)

  • Art Way (former Senior Drug Policy Manager, Drug Policy Alliance Colorado)

  • Craig Salerno (mental health and addiction counselor)

  • Alan Floyd (patient activist)

Practitioner Keynote: Alexandre Tannous, founder of ResonantMind Collective
"On Sound and Consciousness"

Closing Plenary: Dr. Dennis McKenna, McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy
"Our Teacher Plants: Natural Psychedelics, Symbiosis, and the Promise of Drug Policy Reform"

Closing Q & A: Alexandre Tannous and Dennis McKenna